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Human Resource Dynamics, LLC

Sallie Bottorff and JoAnn Moss

Sallie Bottorff and JoAnn Moss

Human Resource Dynamics, LLC
500 Taylor St., Suite 102
Columbia, SC 29201
Telephone: (803) 748-1120
Fax: (803) 748-1128

Email: info@humanresourcedynamics.com


Top Executive: JoAnn S. Moss, President and Sallie Bottorff, CEO
Product or Service: Human Resource Training, Staff Development, HR Consulting, Transition Services, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.
Year Founded: 2004

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Many components go into building a successful business, but all great businesses share an underlying factor: competent, committed employees. At Human Resource Dynamics, people and profitability are permanently linked.

"Good human resource management is all about the bottom line," said Human Resource Dynamics President and Founder JoAnn Moss. "We help companies craft talent management strategies that increase productivity, limit liability and harness internal talent, which paves the way for higher profits."

Human Resource Dynamics is built on the premise that a functioning team is greater than the sum of its parts. On a senior management level, Moss, partner Sallie Bottorff, and senior HR consultant, Carolyn Wignes, work together to embody the principles that they teach client companies.

"One of our team's biggest strengths is the ability to assemble resources and find the best solution for any given HR problem," said Bottorff.

Human Resource Dynamics' experience, capabilities and commitment to working with a diverse network of HR consultants helped cement the company's invitation to become a partner company in Career Partners International in early 2008. As part of the $115 million international consulting group, Human Resource Dynamics has been able to draw on top-of-the-line HR technology for its client companies.

"Modern business involves navigating a complex set of labor laws, privacy policies, and global cultures — and that's before you begin to assess personal skills like accountability, supervisory tactics and leadership potential," said Moss. "Becoming a partner in CPI has given us the best field tools to streamline the HR process, which saves our clients time and money."

With clients ranging from start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies, the Human Resource Dynamics team understands that differing mission statements require differing strategies. Solutions may include everything from leadership development to outplacement training and executive coaching.

Moss opened the doors of Human Resource Dynamics in 2004 after spending 25 years in management and executive-level positions in human resources. One of her first orders of business was to begin aligning professionals with diverse viewpoints. As a result, the Human Resource Dynamics team boasts extensive experience in the corporate, government, private industry and manufacturing sectors.

That vibrant, knowledge-based culture lures many companies with HR departments already in place to consult Human Resource Dynamics about issues like compliance training, leadership development and executive coaching. The team has also developed a reputation for handling outplacement transition services with tact and discretion.

"In addition to helping our clients navigate today's HR issues, we want to prepare them for continued success five or ten years down the road," said Moss, who was nominated as one of the top 10 HR professionals by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce in 2008. "Our goal is to help our clients see the bottom-line impact that comes from developing a team of well-trained, engaged employees."

Carolyn Wignes, Sallie Bottorff and JoAnn S. Moss